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4 May 2010

How did I become a magician?

I thought I’d try and answer two of the questions mentioned in my last blog. So here it goes.

Most of us will, at some point, have received a “box of tricks” for Christmas. I did, and, from that moment on my life was changed forever. I sat their everyday practicing the tricks until I had mastered everyone. I remember nervously performing a card trick that had took me days to learn. My whole family sat and watched and I remember the shocked look on their faces as they released they didn’t know how I'd done it. This ten-year-old boy, who had probably never done anything amazing in his life before, had fooled the pants off them; they really hadn’t got a clue!

It was such an incredible feeling, the adrenalin rush. And for little old me to have entertained, amazed and fooled my whole family was amazing. I wanted more of that feeling. I couldn’t wait to go back to school to show my friends the magic I’d learnt. My school friends were very receptive to the magic I showed them. Some of them had the same box of tricks but just could work out how to perform them properly, and that was the difference! When my friends were giving up after a few tries, pushing the magic under the bed and playing with their Subbuteo football game instead, (Subbuteo – now there’s a memory), I didn’t give up! I wanted to perfect the tricks and then I wanted to learn more. But in thoses days, unlike now, magic tricks were not so readily available. Now, you don’t even have to leave the house to find out about or buy magic. You can surf the net and find allsorts of magical effects, online magic stores, books and dvd’s. Ebay is full of tricks at giveaway prices and there are dozens of different magic sets available. But in thoses days, all those years ago, there was nothing like that. The only way I found out about more magic was while on a visit to my local library. There I discovered a fair selection of books about magic and the allied arts. I think I borrowed everyone of those books and it became obvious that I was obsessed with becoming a magician.

The obsession never left me; once magic gets you hooked there is no way to stop the addiction; you can’t go to the doctor and ask for a patch to stick on your arm – nope! That’s it, once the magic bug has got a hold of you, it will never let go.
I am now a full-time professional working for myself, doing a job that I love and not many people can say that. I perform at many different events and venues performing not only as a children's entertainer, but also as a close-up magician too. Close-up is as the name suggests magic that is performed at close quarters to the audience. I will walk around, mix and mingle with the guests, performing amazing feats of magic and mind reading at their finger tips - miricles no-less. So every time I go to work, its always different; different audiences, different reactions, different venues and different hecklers too. It's great doing what I do, I just love it - even on the bad days - and there are some. I wouldn't change my job, (If you can call it a job) for the world.

Do I always look forward to going to work? The answer is most definitely yes!

Don't forget any questions - please ask.

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