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24 July 2010

The Busiest Time of the Year

As a magician, the busiest time of my year is December, the season of good-will and great profit.
As the month approaches, I know I must get ready for the tsunami of phone calls, that will as in previous years, come from customers who are all eager to book my services. And the calls won't stop until the Christmas week its self arrives.

Speaking for myself I can honestly say that I turn away more work than I end up taking. Why? I hear you ask. Well, the answer is simple: on average I can squeeze three or maybe four bookings into any given day; the amount of enquiries I receive is at least five-times that figure. I might be a magician but I can only be in one place at a time.

So with the festive season fast approaching, I need to make sure I am ready and prepared for what will be - the busiest time of the year. It is always import to have a good show in order to capture rebooking and Christmas is no different. I am already in the throws of putting together the magic show I intend to use this year. I always try and add in new items, and, of course, it has to have a Christmas theme. Santa Claus and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer all make an appearance during the show, and the music has to be festive too. If I'm providing the disco then that also needs to have a Christmassy feel to it.

The adult and the corporate market is a much easier one. I can use the same tricks as the rest of the year, but adjust the patter slightly and add a few seasonal jokes; but in the main the close-up magic that I will perform at these events will remain the same.

I have just checked my diary and find that December is already half-full and so I know that all these schools, playgroups, social clubs, and pubs all of whom will require entertainment for their parties, will as in previous years be disappointed.

 I have, in fact, got two customers who have tried for several years to book my services, but always found that I was full on the dates they required, and so now they have both taken the unusual steps of booking me for their Christmas Parties… in December 2011.


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