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8 October 2010

A Magical Opening at the Children’s Centre

New children's centre's seem to be springing up everywhere, at least in my area they are. And this can only be seen as good news: it provides work for all those employed at each centre, great facilities for those families with young children (aged 1 to 5) who live locally and for us entertainers it provides new venues and new audiences.

On Thursday, this week, I was entertaining at one such place. Half Crown Wood Children's Centre, which is based within the grounds of the St. Bartholomew's School in Stourport, was celebrating its official and grand opening, and it was easy to see that a lot of hard work had gone it to organizing the event. And those efforts certainly paid off with everyone, children and adults alike, enjoying all the activities that ran over the course of the day. There really was something for everyone: face painting was supplied by Funky Faces of Worcester — the children were delighted with there amazing transformations. Animal Mania gave the children chance to interact with real live animals and reptiles, and the children seemed undaunted and reveled at the chance to touch and stroke a variety of creatures including snakes, lizards, tortoises and chincillers.

As for me, I was booked to perform two magic shows (10:30 and 1:00pm) and before, in-between and after each show I walked around mixing and mingling with the crowd making balloon animals for anyone who cared to have one—members of staff were particularly keen. And, I must say that the children were very well behaved. They all sat, attentively watching, as I performed my funny little miracles. When Max—my magic dog—made his appearance, the kids went wild, shouting and screaming as he caused mayhem trying to do his magic. And then they were ecstatic, when in the end, he finally managed to get his trick to work.

Apart the extra entertainment that was brought in to help celebrate this special day, there were all the usual things that you find at children's centre's these days: sand and water pits, a craft session, a very splended sensory room, and, of course, the obligatory toys and books. Food was also provided in the form of a fantastic buffet.

So, all in all, I think it's fair to say that a good day, was definitely, had by all. I must take this opportunity to thank all the staff whom were very welcoming and helpful and I look forward to my next booking in a children's centre like Half Crown Wood.