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1 January 2011

Happy New Year - 2011

Happy New Year everybody, and I'm hoping that 2011 is going to be just as busy and successful as 2010 - for you as well as me. I've made plenty of New Years resolutions that I intend to keep and one of those is to update this Blog a bit more often.

December is always the busiest time of the year and normally there wouldn't be any chance of a day off. But, winter came early bringing with it piles of snow and the Chaos that damned White stuff causes. I ended up with three straight days off. I could have made it to the gigs, and my customers were willing too, but it was the venues (mainly council run) that refused to open - cars parks and walkways too dangerous, apparently. But despite the bad weather and loss of income, my spirits remained high and, thankfully, all the other gigs went very smoothly indeed.

My last gig of 2010 was New Years Eve at Holiday Inn Birmingham / Bromsgrove. And, as ever, it was a real pleasure. Everyone was in party mode. I started my two and a half hour stint with some close-up magic; walking around and performing mini miracles at my audience’s very finger-tips. And I couldn't have wished for a better audience with great reactions, loads of laughter and great compliments. With the adults all happy and entertained, my attention was switched to the children. I'd set the disco up in the Bellbroughton Suite earlier that evening, so everything was ready to go. Just over an hour of disco, games, prizes, magic and ending with a balloon animal making session at the end. All the kids went away happy, and again they were a great audience.

I've got a busy start to the New Year. Tomorrow will see me entertaining at The Elms Hotel, at their New Years celerbrations party for thier guests, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've got lots of birthdays, a few more post Christmas / New Year parties, Mother's Day is already booked out as is November 5th, Bonfire Night and Decembers diary is looking pretty fully as well. So, 2011 looks to be a very busy year already.

What else will I be up to this year. Well, in February I'll be off to the Blackpool Magicians Convention, the biggest and best convention in the country. It's been a few years since I last went and I'm really looking forward to catching up with old friends and acquaintances, and buying some new props. I’m hoping to take a nice holiday abroad as well. I didn’t manage a holiday abroad last year and really missed the treat.

So, a busy year ahead, for me and hope for you too. Here's wishing you all a healthy and prosperous New Year.... now what was next on my long list of resolutions.

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