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22 March 2011

The Magic of Writing

Andy working his Magic

You may have noticed  a few changes in my blog-page. The new name and appearance have been designed  to reflect the two passions in my life — magic and writing. I hope you like the new site.  And I thought this would be a good point to tell you how I became a magician and an author...

The love of magic, and the dream to become a magician, started with "A Box of Tricks" given as a present one Christmas, and that love has never left me. For many years, magic was an obsessive hobby but at the age of twenty-seven I finally decided to take the plunge, and leave my secure job in the insurance industry, and move into the daunting realms of self-employment. It was a risky decision but, nineteen-years later, I have no regrets.

The writing bug hit me much later in life. Just two-years ago, we took a family holiday abroad, and whilst there, and for something to read during the long wait for my partner to get ready in the evenings (I hope she doesn’t read that bit), I picked up an old tattered book which was full off very short stories - they were absolutely awful. I jokingly said that I could write better stories and get them published. The idea stuck in my mind and with loads of ideas buzzing around in my head, I decided to put pen to paper (finger to keypad, actually).

It was by no means easy and my first attempt was quite poor. I quickly realized that I needed to revisit and brush up on my grammar and punctuation skills which had, over the years, become very rusty, indeed. An English course at college helped in that department.

A few months later, and determined to learn more about the writing business, I joined the Worcester Writers’ Circle. Getting published is not an easy task and I was constantly told by members to ‘Expect lots of rejections’. My first submission was indeed rejected but I guess I got lucky because my second submission—a short story called: 'Framed with love’— was accepted (published in First Edition Magazine, July's Edition, 2009). It was an amazing feeling to have achieved my ambition so quickly, and to be able to see my own story in print in a national magazine. More success followed with three more pieces being accepted and published; most recently I entered a "Flash Fiction Competition" and was amazed when I was informed that I'd come 2nd out of 150. Of course, I have had just as many rejections as acceptances but that's just how it goes in the writing game.

It's fair to say that I have, well and truly, caught the writing bug and as a magician I think that writing is as magical as any trick I have ever performed. I love the whole process of putting a story idea together, the research, the first draft and then the many edits that follow—until finally your piece is ready to send to that unsuspecting publisher.

There are a lot of comparisons to be made between a magic act and a short story. Each must have a strong start to hook your audience. Both must continue to captive their imagination, hold their attention and make them want more. And, finally, it must always have a memorable finish. And if I'm comparing the two arts with one another then it could be said that — If writing is the magic, then getting your work published must be the trick.

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Sidney said...

Loveely blog you have here