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22 July 2011

Andy's Gigs: 17th - 22nd July

Rory and Lois' Party

Rory and Lois' joint party was held at the Lickhill Memorial Hall in Stourport. My mission was entertain a 25 strong group of 4 year-olds and keep them happy for an hour. I think I succeeded.

Starting with Name that TV theme tune, the kids loved guessing the tunes and being first to shout out the correct answers and win a prize. Then straight into the magic show, loads of fun and magic and both Rory and Lois became my Helpers, and they were both great.

The whole hour was rounded off with all the kids getting a balloon animal of their choice. It was lovely to meet everyone including their mums, and may I wish a big Happy Birthday to Rory and Lois.

Theo, Jack, Nell and Frayer's Party

It wasn't just one birthday that was being celebrated at the Bentley Heath Community Centre, today, or even two; it was four. Yes, a joint birthday party for four, five year olds -Theo, Jack, Nell and Frayer (see photo's). They, and all their friends, were very quick to join in, dancing in the bubbles and trying hard to win prizes.

All four youngsters helped me in the magic show. Frayer helped me magically join four coloured handkerchiefs together. Theo was transformed into a pirate with a balloon sword, parrot and hat, while Jack waved the wand and made the black and White pictures in my colouring book, turn into nice, bright and colourful ones. And last but, certainly not least, was Nell who said the magic words and produced a whole load of sweets for everyone to share.

Everyone went home with a balloon animal and party bag; a great way to end any party. Happy Birthday to Theo, Jack, Nell and Frayer.

St Oswald's School Funday

I really enjoyed being part of the St Oswald's School fun day. At 10.00am, ninety odd children, accompanied by their parents, all entered the school hall where I was ready and waiting. I started with the popular Name that TV Theme tune, and these kids were right on the ball. Within seconds of starting to play a tune, someone would get the answer - very quick indeed this bunch.

With lots of prizes won, it was on with the magic show and I think all the kids would have gladly volunteered to help me in the show, but unfortunately the show just was not long enough for that. Those that did help where fantastic, and very funny too.

The audience, and I include the adults here, were very responsive and joined in with everything. An hour of magic, fun and laughter flew by and it was lovely to get so many "Thank you's" from the children as they filed pasted me, on their way to their next, fun-day, activity. I look forward to returning to St Oswalds soon.

The Calsot Road Playgroup leavers Party

It's always nice to get rebooking's, and it was a pleasure to return to the Calsott Road Playgroup in Great Barr. Though young, the 22 children that attended were all ready to party. They loved the dancing in the bubbles and loads of them won prizes during the games. A great selection of party food was available during the break including good-old jelly and ice-cream. The party was rounded off with the magic show, featuring Max the Magic Dog and balloon animal for all. Great fun and thanks to the Staff for refreshments provided. :)

     KinderCare Day Nursery Leavers Party

It was my first visit to the Kindercare Day Nursery, in Stetchford, Birmingham and it was great to see so many lovely, smiling faces. I just new from the outset that I was in for good session, and I was right.

Forty plus children can be a hand full at the best of times but there was no problem here. Well organised and ready to join in, these kids loved very minute of the party. An hour of entertainment, kicked off a game and a chance prizes. This was followed by the magic show. The kids laughed Long and loud as I got hit on the head with the wand by the little girl who was helping me. max the Magic Dog got more laughs and applause as he performed his trick. It was great session and as I packed away the kids were being presented with certificates and they all looked very proud. I wish them all luck with their  move to the big school.

The Whizz Kids Community Nursery Leavers Party
Whizz Kids is charity based, Nursery and great job the staff do, giving the kids a safe and happy environment to be in.The leavers party went superbly well. I was impressed with how well everything was organised and thank the staff for all their help.

The Two Hour Package was ideal for this group. They absolutely loved jumping around in the bubbles and they went crazy during the magic show, laughing and clapping all the way. Loads of fun was had, I'm sure everyone, Including the staff, enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing you all again at Christmas.

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