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4 July 2011

Penn and Teller: Fool Us

Back in May I was lucky enough to get hold of a couple of tickets for the live recording of the new smash hit ITV series Penn and Teller: Fool Us - and what great day it was. Filming, at the Fountain Studio's in Wembley, took nearly four-hours, for what evntually becomes a one-hour TV show. But it certainly didn't feel like fours hours, the time flew by, with a great warm up comedian (can't remember his name, unfortunately) and lots of audiance interaction from Host, Jonathan Ross and Penn and Teller.

The show see's master magicians and experts in the art of deception, Penn and Teller, throwing down the gauntlet and challenging magicians from all over the country to appear on the show and perform their most mystifying magic in an attempt to fool them.

The pilot episode saw Ben Earl and John Archer succeed, as they managed to fool Penn and Teller. The reward to anyone who accomplishes this feat is a five star trip to Las Vegas where they will perform on Penn and Teller's world famous magic show at the Rio Hotel and Casino. Ben and John have already been over to the city that never sleeps and it all went very well for them; especially for John Archer who managed to get a standing ovation. So congratulations to Ben and John, and also to Graham Jolly and Mathieu Bich who in this new series have also managed to fool Penn and Teller. And you can catch up with how all the winners did in Vegas. on the Christmas Special in December.

You couldn't have a show like this without a big name host and Jonathan Ross fits the bill perfectly here. Ross, introduces the acts, links each part of the show and even becomes magicians assistant, where required, and all done in Wossy's own inevitable way. All in all, it's a great show and, in my humble opinion, it's the best magic show to hit our tv screens in many a year. Not since The Paul Daniel's Magic Show or the Best of Magic have we seen such a high profile magic show. But not all are agreeing with my point of view...

Some, mainly magicians, are upset by the exposure aspect of the show. Penn and Teller do, indeed, explain how the tricks are done, but for me, I don't feel there is enough detail for the lay audience to fully understand what is being said. In fact they do try and keep the explanation to a minimum. It's not exactly a cut-throat exposure show like the Masked Magician did, so I for one won't be worrying about that side of it. I've also heard magicians saying that this show is in danger of turning magic into a puzzle. Instead of watching the show and being entertained, the audience may become too tied up with figuring out how the trick was done and won't be able to concentrate fully on the actual act itself. Again, I disagree! To me magic is a puzzle, the audience are always trying to catch the magician out. It's up to those magicians to make sure they aren't caught out; If their acts are entertaining enough the audience will soon forget about solving the puzzle. Thankfully, the vast majority of people seem to be enjoying the chance to see the great magic show, which encompasses a wide range of performing styles and varieties of magic.

In the main, most of these acts will not fool Penn and Teller, but they will certainly have a chance to impress the tv audiences, raise their own profiles and further their own careers. Take for instance, Piff the Magic Dragon. His dead pan, comedy magic act was so totally different and original that he stole last Saturdays show; it's seems everyone loved him. So congratulation to Piff - a star in the making.

The culmination of each show, see's Penn and Teller perform their own brand of magic and they also get their chance to not only fool us, but prove exactly why they are at the top of their game. it's an hour of great magical entertainment, so don't forget to tune in next week and every week for Penn and Teller: Fool us.

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