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15 July 2011

Who to book: Full-timer or Side-liner?

As a full-time entertainer, one question I get asked a lot is:  "Would I be better off booking a full-time entertainer rather than one that does as a side-line?"
I don't think it matters. What I think you should be looking for is someone who is professional in their approach to his or her business and this should in turn lead you to a good and competent performer.
So, to get the best entertainer possible for your party follow these guide-lines:
  • Firstly, get a recommendation from a friend or relative; if they've seen a good, reliable and professional entertainer and enjoyed his show, the likelihood is, you will too.
  • Nowadays, most good entertainers will have their own website and this should give you plenty of information, not just about what services they offer, but about previous and satisfied customers; check their guestbook for customer feedback and comments.
  • Those who are professional, and understand the business, will try and offer you the sort of entertainment you require, tailored for the age of the children they will be entertaining, and they should also be able to offer advise on varying parts of your party planning.
  • They should be fully insured (public liability insurance), CRB Checked and have all their electrical equipment P.A.T Tested — it's not in your interest to book an entertainer without these. And don't take their word for it, ask to see the certificates. If any or all of these aren't forth-coming think carefully before you book.
  • You should also expect to get some sort of contract (where practical) confirming the entertainment you'll be receiving; this way you will both be clear on what was agreed.
  • If you are paying a deposit make sure you get a receipt.
  • Ask if they're a member of any professional organisations like: Equity, The Magic Circle or any local magic society; this will show an on-going commitment to their careers.
  • Children can be a tough audience, as you will know if your a parent. Working with children requires patience, understanding, flexibility, and versatility. Performing for kids is no different, but not all entertainers understand this. Just because they perform magic it doesn't mean you're automatically guaranteed a great show.
  • What you really need is someone who will entertain them, make them laugh, amaze them and hold their attention from start to finish; a skilled entertainer will be able to do this.
  • The more you pay doesn't necessarily guarantee a better quality of entertainer, but you should expect to pay more for one who has got all the correct checks, insurances and who is paying tax on his earnings.
  • If you're unhappy with any aspect of their performance, don't be afraid to complain; a professional entertainer will do his utmost to put things right and should welcome constructive criticism. But remember,  you're booking an entertainer and not a baby-sitter and, as such, you should always be aware, and ready to deal with, any distressed or disruptive children.
If you follow these guide-lines then you should be able to book someone who is professional and who will supply a good service. I believe a professional entertainer will always make your party a success — simply because they love what they do.

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