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5 January 2012

Help! My Supply Teacher's a Magician...

"Magicians undercover"

A new CBBC TV series will see a group of magicians going under cover as they try and fool children - at real schools - into believing they are proper supply teachers. The real fun starts when magical things start happening right there in their classrooms. It should be great fun to watch the children's reactions as seemingly impossible, eye-popping, jaw-dropping things start to happen right in front of their eyes.

The first episode of this fast-paced series, made by Objective Productions, will be aired on Tuesday 17th January at 5:45pm and is set for an impressive thirteen week run. Devised and produced by fellow magician, Anthony Owen, this programme looks certain to be a massive hit with children and adults alike.

Regular features will include: Undercover Magic, where magicians are unleashed on the unsuspecting public; Tricks of the Trade, where magicians will demonstrate how to perform tricks on their friends; Interactive Illusion, which features tricks the audience at home can play along with, and That was Awesome, which features all the magicians performing together.

The show will star magicians: Fergus Flanagan, Katherine Mills, James Went and - 'The man who fooled Penn and Teller' - John Archer.

What a great line up, make sure you're tuned in and ready to watch... Oh, and don't forget to tell the kids, as well...

You can follow John Archer and James Went on Twitter here:  @TheArchini @jameswent1981


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