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24 February 2012

Abbott & Costello - Comedy Magic Act

I have to admit, I'd never seen Abbott and Costello, one of the greatest comedy double acts of all-time, performing this very funny magic act. I've seen many variations on this Bottle, Glass routine but this, in my opinion, is one of the funniest and the best. Go on take a look - I dare you...

20 February 2012

William Shatner, The Pendragons and what went wrong?

In "1988",  William Shatner hosted a live magic show, it was a tribute to Master Magician and Escapologist Harry Houdini, and appearing on that show were the amazing Pendragons - if you've never seen their act then you've missed a treat.

 On this show they were performing their incredible version of Harry Houdini's "Metamorphosis". This is a trasposition effect between to people. The assistant is locked inside a large trunk, often in a sack, restrained with handcuffs and rope etc. The magician stands on the trunk and holds up a curtain that will momentarily conceal his whole body. When the curtain is lowered the magician is seen to have been replaced by the assistant. Houdini took 7 seconds to make the transposition happen but The Pendragons (Charlotte and Johnathan) do it in less than 4 seconds. It's a amazing trick.

But what went wrong at the end? Watch here as William Shatner (Captain Kirk from Star Trek) explains, to Dick Clarke on his"Friday Night Surprise" show, why Mrs Charlotte Pendragon wouldn't come out of the trunk...


19 February 2012

The Secrets of Harry Houdini?

It's the early bird that catches the worm, but the second mouse that gets the cheese...

17 February 2012

Andy Kirk - Magician and Entertainer makes Front Page

This great feature made the front page of the "Tembury Wells Advertiser". A nice bit of publicity gained for Andy's Magic from this very successful charity event. I performed several magic shows and made balloon animals for masses...

16 February 2012

Tommy Cooper - The Bell's Whiskey Advert

Magician, Tommy Cooper was a comedy genius and this advert proves that it doesn't matter who's mouth his words come out of, its still funny. Take a look at this short clip and have a laugh - Just Like That!

15 February 2012

Why do people book Wedding Magician Andy Kirk?

So, why do people book Andy Kirk, Wedding Magician and Entertainer? There are many answers to this question and I hope by the end of this blog you will understand exactly why booking a magician is far more than just arranging a bit of entertainment for you and your guests...

Wedding Memories: There are lots of things that will make your wedding special and memorable, and a good wedding magician should only add to these. Andy will mix and mingle with your guests and perform his mind-blowing feats of magic and mind-reading right at their finger-tips. He will have them in fits of laughter and then leave them with gasps of amazement. They'll also be left with memories they will treasure for years to come.

Breaking the Ice: A lot of your guests may not know each other and magical entertainment, in the form of a wedding magician, is a great way to break the ice, get your guests talking, laughing and generally create a great atmosphere. So, whether it's during the drink reception, wedding breakfast or while the photograph's are being taken a little bit of magical theatre will work wonders.

Never a dull moment: There will always be those inevitable lulls; typically, while the photographs are being taken and in-between the wedding reception and the evening do. And these are two of the most popular places to use Andy's services, and he guarantees to keep things moving and create that perfect atmosphere for your big day.

Speeches are not for Children: The speeches are an important part of the day but if you have children present you shouldn't be surprised if the start to very quickly get restless. Andy has the perfect solution; he will whisk the children off - Pied Piper Fashion - and give them their own mini-party. This can include a disco, lights, bubble machine, games, prizes, magic show, puppets, face painting and balloon animals. And while the kids are having a ball, your guests - including those now temporarily relieved of their parental duties - can enjoy the speeches.

Wedding Magician - Andy Kirk
Don't break the Bank: Wedding are expensive and getting the best for the price you pay is always important. Andy is competitively priced but always aims to give as high-a-quality service as possible. Every wedding is different and as such Andy will tailor his services so they fit your needs and budget perfectly.

In a Nutshell: Using cards, coins, rope, mind-reading and other everyday objects Andy will mesmerise, amaze and entertain your guests. He'll get them laughing, create talking points and leave them with some great magical memories. This is the most important day of your life so why not add "A Touch of Magic" and an "Extra Fizz" to your special day by booking Andy Kirk, Wedding Magician, now.

14 February 2012

Freddie Starr & Mohammad Ali on The Parkinson Show

This is the magic moment when Mohammad Ali is captivated, mesmerized and then floor by one our greatest funny men, Freddie Starr' with his spooky story. It's an hilarious moment, 5 minutes actually, taken from a 1981 episode of classic "Parkinson Show"... It really is a must watch!!

10 February 2012

Tommy Cooper: The Dean Martin Speech

Tommy Cooper, was possibly the funniest man who ever lived, and here in this rare video footage of his speech at a Hollywood dinner - in honor of the legendary, singer, actor and entertainer, Dean Martin - proves just that. Sit back and enjoy a classic piece of Tommy Cooper... Just Like That!

8 February 2012

The customer is always right...

You will have heard that old saying: "The Customer is always right". Well here is exactly what Andy's Magic customers are saying about his magic, his entertainment, his performances, about him as a magician and exactly why so many recommend him...

"Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. All the kids loved it and the adults were so amazed at the magic that you did for them! Nothing but excellent feedback... thank you so much"

Stephanie Wadlow - Drayton Manor Park

"We really enjoyed your magic; everyone was amazed. What a great difference you made to our evening. We have watched the wedding video featuring you doing your magic and almost every guest has there mouths open in amazement. We would not hesitate to recommend you for anyones wedding."

Sue and David Knock - West Midlands

"Steve and I are extremely glad we found Andy. He was a massive hit on the evening. The youngsters all commented on how brilliant he was, and the adults loved the table magic. All in all, your presence added greatly to a wonderful evening."

Steve and Anne Sanders - Bromsgrove

"Thanks for a great show last night, the kids were still talking about you long after it was time for bed. We just couldn't settle them. Everyone who came to the party (inc adults) were asking for your website. Will be booking you again in the foreseeable future. It was great from start to finish especially the prizes for the children at the beginning of the show. Once again thanks"

Yasmin Hussain - West Bromwich

"Thanks for a fantastic party. My son Ryan had a really great time. Andy managed to captivate 30 five year olds for 2 hours and kept them truly entertained. I had several parents comment on the way out how impressed they were with the show!"

Tracy Worton - Halesowen

"Just experienced Andy's Magic Show and both Children and Parents enjoyed participating and entering into the fun. A fantastic show!"

Viv and Rosemary - Kidderminster Library

"Once again Andy, you were brilliant. The weather was appalling on wednesday and getting an audience was a challenge to say the least. Very impressed by the way you managed to create such a big crowd."

Geraldine McCullagh - BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio

"All go by recommendations and you'll get a decent service. That's what I did when I booked Andy's Magic and I got an exceptionally good party for my son, Jacob's birthday. Full of fun, laughter and great magic. Highly recommended"

Jill Brookes - Wolverhampton

"Thank you, Andy's Magic, it was wonderful. Everyone really loved it!!! The disco & magic were fab and the balloon animals were really impressive! Im sure you'll be getting loads of bookings from my friends"

Liz Evans - Malvern

"The whole party was simply wonderful! After several very average party entertainers I found Andy' - who really is in a class of his own. My daughter, Esme, loved the magic show, adored Max the Magic Dog and wants the disco and bubbles again for her next birthday."

Mrs Whittaker - Birmingham

"Thanks Andy, once again we had a beautiful day and were glad you were a part of it and you made the day extra special. Everybody commented on how good you were and we will be passing your number on to anybody that will listen!! Thank you again!!

Chris and Claire Hanmer - Telford

"Bailey had a fab 4th birthday party! Twenty-Six children fully entertained for a solid 2 hours...Brilliant!! All the parents commented on how great Andy was :-) Will definitely be recommending!! Lots of fun and laughter!!"

Toni Badham - Stourport

"The best party we've had. Andy really managed involve all 30 children in all of the games and magic. It was magical to watch"

Sue Stevens - Worcester

"Andy made Libby's Birthday one to remember and she felt very special being able to help Andy with his magic. A good time was had by one and all - well worth the money"

Pam Tempest - Stourbridge

"Andy has great skill as a magician and entertainer. Our adult group was enthralled by his show - everyone left asking themselves 'How does he do it?'. I can thoroughly recommend Andy to anyone who is looking for an entertainer for their event or party, for children or adults."

Sylvia Herbert - Worcestershire

The Magician's Assistant - A Tragic Story

7 February 2012

Corporate Magician - Corporate Magic and Entertainment

Andy Kirk - Corporate Magician
Based in the West Midland and in reach of most parts of the country, Andy is an accomplished corporate magician who is sort after by  those organisations who require a special sort of entertainment for their corporate functions, company events, exhibitions and promotions.

Magic can be used as a great way to break the ice, relax your guests and clients and get them laughing. It's also a powerful tool that can be used to emphasise a message or help customers remember your product or service.

In performance, Andy will use coins, rope, cards and other every day objects, as well as mind-reading to entertain and amaze your guests. But he can also use your company products and give-aways to personalise his act around your company.

The two basic ways to use Andy's skills

Corporate Trade Show - Corporate Magic
Andy can walk around, mixing and mingling with your guests and performing his amazing feats of magic and mind-reading right at their finger-tips. He will have your guests in fits of laughter and them leave them with gasps of amazement. Alternately, You can use Andy to draw prospective customers to your exhibition trade stand and once there, he will bamboozle them with his mind-blowing magic and sleight of hand.

However you decide to use Andy make sure you do use him. As a corporate magician he just knows how to bring up the energy, bring in the crowd, bring out your message and bring the house down.

In a Nutshell

So why should you book a corporate magician for your function, event or trade stand?

People will always learn better, remember easier and be more easily persuaded if what they are being told or shown is entertaining. Magic is a very popular and entertaining art form, and if used properly, can be a very powerful tool indeed. Andy will personalize his performance to your requirements and then use his abilities to draw in prospective clients to your trade stand and once there he will be able to entertain, amaze and relax your guests whilst at the same time emphasizing your message, product or service thereby making sure they remember you and your company or organisation.
Corporate Magician and Entertainer