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31 August 2012

Dave Allen - Teaching kids to tell the time...

Recently, I was trying to explain to my four-year-old son how to tell the time, and believe me it's not easy; I gave up in the end. But it was during my attempts that I was reminded of this gem of piece from Dave Allen - 'Teaching kids to tell the time'.

The late, great Irish comic has always been favourite of mine and as I watched this classic routine, taken from his 1993 ITV series, I was remind of exactly why he was probably the world's greatest 'sit-down comedian'.

"People say I'm that Irish comedian with half a finger but I'm not, I'm that Irish comedian with nine and a half fingers."

Allen's act would see him sitting on a bar stool, facing his audience, smoking and taking the odd sip of what we all assumed was whiskey; it was, in fact, ginger ale with ice. His performance was a typically relaxed, rueful and intimate, his style was more observation than gag driven and his language was often littered with expletives.

At the height of his career Dave Allen was one of Britain's most controversial comedians, his humour always poked fun at political and religious authority. He was very sceptical about religion and called himself a "Practising atheist" and he'd often joke "I'm an Atheist, thank God".

"I still think of myself as I was 25 years ago. Then I look in a mirror and see an old bastard and realise it's me."

Dave Allen was was a comic genius, the like of which we will never see again. Sit back, relax and get ready to laugh, and until the next time... "Goodnight, Thank you, and may your God go with you".

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