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26 August 2012

Norman Wisdom - The Heineken Deck Chair Advert

Sir Norman Wisdom OBE
'Don't laugh at me, 'cos I'm a fool' - famous lines from Norman Wisdom's self penned number one hit song. But he never wanted anyone to take those words literally. Norman was a funny man who never stopped trying to make people laugh. He was a little genius who was continually falling over, laughing, crying and fooling around - even in the most serious of moments. Take for example the occasion on which Norman received his knighthood from the Queen, even then he couldn't resist messing about, he performed his trade-mark trip and the Queen laughed.

I've always loved Norman, his humour, films and music and I was lucky enough to see him live on stage some years ago at the Wolverhampton Grand. It was a superb night of entertainment that saw Norman in sparkling form, throwing himself around as though he was still a young man - he was actually seventy-five - singing his most famous songs and playing a whole array of musical instruments. The audience loved him and at the end he received a well earned standing ovation. After the show I was lucky enough to meet the great man and I got a signed photo, too.

Comedian, Singer-Songwriter and actor Norman was born in the Marylebone district of London, and he will be best remembered for the series of films produced between 1953 and 1966, featuring his much loved on-screen "gump" character Norman Pitkin. Films such as Trouble in Store, A Stitch in Time, The Square Peg, The Bulldog Breed, Up in the World and The Early Bird had us roaring with laughter. And, of course, no one will ever forget his catch phrase "Mr Grimsdale".

But most of us will probably have forgotten, or at least not seen for many year, the Heineken Deck Chair Advert that was made in 1987 and featured our hero. In this clip we see Norman trying haplessly to set up and sit in his deck chair... he fails miserably until he downs a pint of Heineken - the beer that refreshes the parts other beers can not reach. 

They certainly don't make adverts as good as this anymore, or as long - 1 min -37 secs - so, I thought it would be nice to have a walk down memory lane and share this little bit of Wisdom with you all.

I'm sure there were more of these Deck chair adverts featuring Norman Wisdom but so far this is the only one I've come across. Let me know if you've seen any of the others by posting a comment.

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