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28 August 2012

The Magic Ink Stain Removal Tip...

We all know that ink stains on clothing are a real nightmare to get out. Sometime ago our four-year-old somehow got hold of green bingo marker and decided to change the colour of our carpet. It was everywhere! We thought the carpet was ruined, until we came across this brilliant and inexpensive way of removing ink stains including fresh ink (like from a fountain pen), ball pen and even felt-tips - it works.

 So, whether the pen in your shirt pocket has leaked or one of your little monsters has decorate your fabric covered furniture with their inky art work - this is the solution. It will take a bit of time and patients but it is doable.

Ink Stain Removal - The Secret Revealed

The secret is... hairspray! Yes, hairspray, normal, everyday hairspray - the cheaper the better, in fact. The Alcohol in the hairspray will, on contact, start to dissolve the ink stains thus making it easier to remove. This tip will work well fresh fountain-pen-type ink, biro, felt pen and permanent marker, and can be used to get rid of those unsightly stains on clothing fabric and even carpets. 

Important Note: Always test a small unseen area of your clothes or fabric first to make sure they are colour-fast

Directions for use

1. Place Paper Towels or kitchen paper directly under the spot where the garment is affected.
2. Spray affected area liberally until it is saturated with hairspray.
3. Blot the area - do not rub, always blot - with a clean cloth or, better still, Paper Towels.
4. Repeat the process of spraying and blotting until ink stain has been completed lifted.
5. Wash item - if this is possible.
6. Wear item of clothing that you thought you'd never wear again.

Let me know if this magical little tip for removing ink stains has worked for you. It certainly has for us on many occasions with out any problems. But if for some reason the stains haven't come out you could always get a pair of scissors and cut them out... I'm only joking, folks!


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