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25 August 2012

The Vanishing Case of Beer...

 I don't think David Blaine, Dynamo or David Copperfield could do this! It's the best disappearing act I've ever seen! Where does that case of  beer go?

The more you watch this clip, the more you realise how easy our female thief makes this crime look. Even though what she's doing is wrong you can't help admire how cleanly she executes the move. She doesn't miss a beat as she places the chosen goods under her skirt and then simply continues with her shopping as though nothing has happened. She's obviously done this before but this time she, and her family - they must know what's happening, they've got to be in on it - has been caught on camera and I assume she got the appropriate punishment.

I have no idea what she's using to hold that case of beer in place but why not leave a comment with your guesses and idea's. The funnier the answers the better...

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