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18 September 2012

Artist creates magical timelapse video - 'Empire State of Pen'

Patrick Vale - Artist
Artist Patrick Vale took several days to draw his incredible piece of art which is entitled 'Empire State of Pen'. But in this video (below) you will see the skyline of downtown Manhattan, as seen from the Empire State Building perspective, appear in front of your eyes in just 80 seconds.

Using time-lapse videoing techniques, the London based artist, illustrator and animator draws by hand and the buildings rapidly pop up right in front of your eyes. The flat iron building lies in the foreground, while Brooklyn and Verrazzano Bridges sit on the eastern edge, and Jersey City's Goldman Sachs Tower flank the western edge.

After marvelling at video clip - that I've watched many times and haven't tired of yet - and the incredible finished picture that Vale produces at the end, I think you'll agree that its one of those magical things that just seems to get better each time you watch.

I was so impressed that I wanted to see more of his work - and I'm pretty sure you will too. Check out the video below, and more of Patrick Vales work here

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