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13 September 2012

Man Falls Down Stairs Forever

Can this be real? Watch the clip below and judge for yourself.

It certainly looks real but how could anyone - stuntman or otherwise - survive such a long and dramatic fall. And, after falling down these steps for what seems like an eternity, it's not over for our poor old friend. As he stands up and brushes himself off he is suddenly hit by a small car and sent hurtling into the air, landing with a sickening thud... but after all of that he gets up and walks off - How?

Is this real or fake? I don't know how you'd fake such a clip but there are several things I noticed that point to the possibility that all is not as it seems.

Let's start at the beginning. A woman and twin girls, standing ice-creams in hand, smiling, and posing for the camera - but who poses for video camera? Surely the idea is to capture movement and not stills - but I may be wrong. Then the video camera is very quickly zoomed in, just in time to catch the man as he falls unexpectedly from the roof of a building on to the stone steps below. He stands up, staggers backwards and starts his incredible decent. 

Follow his fall and watch as he bounces down and into the path of another man who is playing a guitar. The guitar playing musician jumps back out of the as the unlucky falling feller's way. But, I think his reaction is slow, poorly timed and over acted, and he just stands there, he certainly doesn't make any attempts to help the poor tumbling man who is still rolling and falling, apparently, uncontrollably. 

Next our falling hero heads towards a couple on the right with a pram. The woman, I think it's a woman, holding the pram is knocked and lets the it go, it bounces down a couple of steps but is caught and brought safely to a stop by a man just in front. But watch again and notice how, in actual fact, the woman isn't hit by the falling man, he just passes very closely by, and she seems to let go of the pram a fraction of a second before she is hit. Then man continues his fall and finally reaches the bottom. Lying still in the road for a few seconds, he then stands up, starts to straighten his clothes, and he actually appears to look up the road just a few seconds before he is hit. He must have seen the approaching vehicle. Surely he would try and get out of the way - but NO! Our man turns away from the fast moving car and is then hit. He is sent spinning through the air and lands almost on his feet before falling over. I noticed that the car stops and then appears to drive off - that's nice isn't it. The man lays still for a few long seconds before suddenly standing up, apparently no worse for ware, he strolls off.

Whether its real or not its still an amazing clip. If you know anymore about this video then please let me know.

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