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15 October 2012

Corporate Entertainment at AKW Medicare's Dinner Conference

Warriors Academy MagicOn Thursday 29th September, I attended (in the guise of a corporate magician) and performed at AKW Medicare's Annual Dinner Conference. And, it has to be said, it really was a superb evening that was held in an equally good venue - the Warriors' Academy, Worcestershire, home of the Worcester Warriors.

My Job, as a corporate magician, was to entertain, amaze and amuse the delegates who were travelling from different parts of the country to be at this event. As they arrived, I mixed and mingled and began performing my amazing feats of magic and mind-reading. I continued performing around the tables, in-between courses and, after being told that it was someone's birthday, I decided to get the gentleman in question up in front of the audience so that everyone could sing "Happy Birthday" - but not, of course, until the birthday boy, Mr Paul Tingy, had helped with a spot of mentalism - and there were a few laughs along the way, too. 

By the end of the evening, I think my mission, as corporate magician, was completed successfully, everyone seemed very happy and I've since received some lovely comments. The evening was brilliantly organised, the venue was top notch, the food looked superb, the atmosphere was wonderful, and AKW's staff and guests were a pleasure to perform to. Everyone was keen to get involved, to see my little miracles and to be entertained.

Thanks to AKW Medicare Ltd, their CEO, Paul Massey, and his PA, Jacqui Morley for booking my services. I hope we all meet again very soon.

A few selected photo's of the event...

... and Andy Kirk - Corporate Mgaician in action.

Magician and Entertainer Andy Kirk / Andy's Magic
Wedding Magician and Entertainer Andy Kirk
Corporate Magician - Andy Kirk - Andy's Magic
Andy's Magic - Corporate Magician - Andy Kirk


Unknown said...

Very entertaining. Nothing better to have a good laugh. I just love corporate parties.

Andy Kirk said...

Glad you enjoyed the blog Rachael, and yes Corporate do's are a great laugh...