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31 October 2012

Funny Halloween Animation

Happy Halloween - Andy's Magic
Halloween means 'Trick or Treat' and, as you can guess I normally bring the tricks... Boom-Tish. But today I thought I'd supply a treat in the form of this very comical short piece (2 mins 30 secs) of animation entitled "Daphne's New Broom" by Ales Mav.  

Watch as Daphne, the witch, tries to take a trip on her new broom with disastrous and hilarious consequences. It's funny, it's likeable and it's a great bit of fun for Halloween, and when you consider this was made by one guy who took just over six months to complete the work - rigging, modelling, animating, lighting and rendering - well, I think that's awesome . 

I love the frog, watch out for him.

Enjoy your Halloween and remember...
...Eat, drink and be scary.

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