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21 October 2012

Norman Wisdom on The Des O'Connor Show

Over the years Des O'Connor has managed to attract some of the biggest names in entertainment on to his show including: Barbara Striesand, Meryl Streep, Bet Miller, Joe Pasquale, Freddie Starr, Bob Monkhouse, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett, The Spice Girls, Take That and who can forget the now famous interview with Stan Boardman, and his joke about the German Aeroplanes with very rude sounding names.

But one of my favourites, and a man who made many appearances on Des' show over the years, was comedy legend, Sir Norman Wisdom. The little man who started his career with a gump suit and a flat cap, and who will be best remembered for his hit song "Don't Laugh at Me" and his catch phrase "Mr Grimsdale", never fails to make me laugh.

I remember watching this show, that the clip below comes from, when it was first aired and I laughed so much I ended up with tears rolling down my face.

Just watch as Des tries to get Norman to tell a joke. But our Norman just can't get to the end because he's is laughing so much. And, keep an eye on Des as he desperately tries to keep his trouser up - it's hilarious and well worth a watch... pure magic.

I hope this gave you a laugh and don't forget...

... come back soon and see what's new.


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Superb....just superb!!

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