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4 November 2012

The Magnificent Duo on their Trapeze

You may have seen trapeze acts before - men and women flying through the air with greatest of ease, but with this act you won't find any jumping from swing to swing, instead you'll see lots of superbly choreographed dance moves combined with some breath-taking drops and catches and in this piece entitled - 'Tango in the Sky' you will see that the two performers involved have taken the trapeze act to new heights - not literally, of course, but artistically - I don't think you'll see a better more polished act anywhere.

The performers are Russian Trapeze artists, Elena and Dmitri Artemiev, who are better known by their stage name - 'Duo Artemiev'. This Russian couple have risen very quickly to the top of their game. They trained in 'Art on the Trapeze' at the Old Moscow Circus School and were quickly hailed as the best artistic discovery of that year. This performance was taken from the famous French television show by Patrick Sebastien - 'Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde' which when translated into English means - 'The Worlds Greatest Cabaret'. 

'Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde' is now into its thirteenth successful season and is always filled with incredible speciality acts including those of magic, juggling, trapeze, acrobatics, comedy, high wire, mime, burlesque and more. But every act has one thing in common - they are all acts of the highest possible calibre. Oh how I wish we had something like this on British television!

After you've watched the video below I'm sure you'll agree that it really is the most beautifully artistic and impressive trapeze act you've ever seen. So, why not sit back and relax for the five minutes it'll take to watch this wonderful piece of cabaret. Enjoy.

Below is another act that was featured on Le Plus Grand Carbaret Du Monde, that I thought you might like to see. This time it's magician and illustionist Victor Voitko with his beautiful 'Flying Linking Rings' routine and once again here Voitko, like Duo Artemiev, has pushed the boundaries to give us a brand new take an age old piece of magic.

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