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29 November 2012

Your Age By Chocolate

This is clever, fun and different... go on give it a try.

Work your age out via Chocolate.

Whatever you do don't tell me your age.

This is good so please don't cheat by scrolling down to the bottom first!

It takes less than a minute.

Work it out as you read...

...but don't read the bottom before you've worked it out!

This is not a waste of time it's great fun...

Let's Begin:

1.  Pick a number of times you'd like to indulge in chocolate each week (Not 0 and less than 10).

2.  Multiply this number by 2 (I'll wait why you get you calculator).

3. Add 5.

4. Multiply it by 50.

5. If you've already had your birthday this year add 1762. if not add 1761.

6. Now subtract the four digit year you were born.

7. You should now have a three digit answer.

8. The first digit of this is your original number chosen. The last two numbers are your age!!!

Now that really is magic!

And this year, 2012, is the only year it will ever work with, so...

...come on share this page before the year runs out...

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