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1 May 2013

Reclining Seat Attacks Man in Shop

A man  in a furniture shop is looking at a Recliner Seat when suddenly...

...the leg rest accidentally deploys and gives the chap in the cap a nasty bash on the nose.

I hope you're not laughing... looked very painful :)

25 April 2013

7 Steps to Booking a Good Children's Party Entertainer

Andy's Magic: Children's Party Entertainer
If you're going to book a Kid's Party Entertainer or Magician for your party or event then please follow these 7 steps that will help ensure you get a good, reliable and professional magical entertainer who will make your party the success it deserves to be. It doesn't matter what part of the West Midlands you are based in —Birmingham, Dudley, Worcester, Solihull, Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, or Bromsgrove—the magician or entertainer in your area should, if he's any good, be able to offer all of the mentioned points.

The Seven Steps to Success

  • Getting a Recommendation: Always try and get a recommendation from family or friends. No one will recommend a magician or children's entertainer unless they were happy with the services they received and enjoyed the entertainment.
  • Simple Checks: Make sure the magician or entertainer you're booking has all of the following: Public Liability—I have £10,000,000 worth of cover, so you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong, you'll be covered. Make sure they have an enhanced CRB Check. Also ensure that all of their electrical equipment is P.A.T Tested.
  • Members of Organisations: It's also a good idea to check out whether they are members of any official societies or unions. I'm a member, and past president, in fact, of The British Magical Society as well as being a full member of Equity. Being a member of such organisations doesn't prove whether the magician or entertainer you've picked is any good but it does show there commitment to their trade. A fly-by-night magician or children's entertainer wouldn't bother paying good money to be part of these sorts of organisations.
  • Testimonials: The Children's Entertainer or magician you're booking should have testimonials, customer comments or reviews of parties they've entertained at. Check their website for a Guestbook page, and here is were you'll find out exactly what previous customers really think of the entertainer you're thinking of  booking. 
  • Facebook Pages: The Children's Entertainer or Magician that you're thinking of booking will probably have a Facebook Page. To see what's on these pages you need to click the "Like" button and then you'll see what the magician or entertainer is up to, how busy he is and it's also a another place that customers will leave comments and recommendations. It's also a great way to stay in touch with your magician or entertainer.
  • Compare Prices and What's on Offer: When comparing different Kids Party Entertainer or Magicians who may find that the fees vary quite a bit. This could be because the higher priced entertainer is offering far more in his party package the the lower priced ones. In my Two Hour Party Package, for example... I offer a lovely Mini Disco that kids of all ages will enjoy and this includes: Speakers, music, disco lights, a bubble machine, games, prizes, pass the parcel, action songs, dancing competitions and up-to-date music like: 'Let it go' 'All About the Base' 'Happy' and 'Gangham Style'. Some entertainers turn up with a small pa system, pop some music on and call it a disco - this is not a disco in anyway, shape or form. My package also comes with a Great Comedy Magic Show, Puppets and Balloon Animals, as well. Just compare what you're getting from each entertainer or magician and you should be able to see quiet clearly who is giving value for money. 
  • Get a Contract / Confirmation: Once you've decided and booked your Children's Party
    Entertainer or magician
     make sure you are going to get a contract. This should show in detail what exactly your going to receive, how much it's going to cost, dates and times etc. If there are any discrepancies with the show, act or entertainment at least you'll have a written copy of the agenda to refer to. If the person isn't offering you a contract, be very wary. Even if you're making a last minute booking, it's still easy enough to email the contract / confirmation over - there are really know excuses for not sending a contract.
I hope these Seven Steps will have helped you to get a children's entertainer or magician who will be professional and reliable and give great value for money for your next party or event.

15 April 2013

Why do Couples Book Birmingham, West Midlands & Worcestershire Wedding Magician, Andy Kirk?

So, why do people in the BirminghamWest Midlands book Andy Kirk, Wedding Magician and Entertainer? There are many answers to this question and I hope by the end of this blog you will understand exactly why booking a wedding magician is far more than just arranging a bit of entertainment for you and your guests...

Wedding Memories: There are lots of things that will make your wedding special and memorable, and a good wedding magician should only add to these. Andy will mix and mingle with your guests, perform his mind-blowing feats of magic and mind-reading right at their finger-tips. He'll have them in fits of laughter, then leave them with gasps of amazement, and they'll be left with memories they'll treasure for years to come.

Breaking the Ice: A lot of your guests may not know each other. Magical entertainment, in the form of a wedding magician, is a great way to break the ice, get your guests talking, laughing and generally create a great atmosphere. So, whether it's during the drink reception, wedding breakfast or while the photograph's are being taken a little bit of magical theater will work wonders.

Never a dull moment: There will always be those inevitable lulls; typically, while the photographs are being taken and in-between the wedding reception, Wedding Breakfast and the evening do. And these are the most popular places to use Andy's services. He's amongst the best in the West Midlands, Birmingham and Worcestershire areas and he guarantees to keep things moving and create that perfect atmosphere for your big day.

Speeches are not for Children: The speeches are an important part of the day but if you have children present you shouldn't be surprised if the start to very quickly get restless. Andy is a wedding magician with a perfect solution; he will whisk the children off - Pied Piper Fashion - and give them their own mini-party. This can include a disco, lights, bubble machine, games, prizes, magic show, puppets, face painting and balloon animals. And while the kids are having a ball, your guests - including those now temporarily relieved of their parental duties - can enjoy the speeches.

Don't break the Bank: Wherever you hold your Wedding in the West Midlands it's going to be expensive and getting the best for the price you pay is always important. Andy is competitively priced but always aims to give as high-a-quality service as possible. Every wedding is different and as such Andy will tailor his services so they fit your needs and budget perfectly.

Andy Kirk - Wedding Magician at Work
In a Nutshell: Using cards, coins, rope, mind-reading and other everyday objects wedding magician, Andy Kirk will mesmerize, amaze and entertain your guests. He'll get them laughing, create talking points and leave them with some great magical memories. This is the most important day of your life so why not add "A Touch of Magic" and an "Extra Fizz" to your special day by booking Andy Kirk, Wedding Magician, now.

21 March 2013

How to fall down the stairs and still look cool

If you're going to fall down stairs then be as cool as you can about - just like this guy. He manages to trip, role and  go head over heels before land at the bottom of the stairs on his knees. He then simply gets up and calmly walks away as though nothing has happened. I'd say this was a set, performed by someone who knows how to fall - why else would he be coming down stairs that are cordoned off at the bottom. Fake or not it's still pretty cool.