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30 March 2013

Houdini Type Escape goes Badly Wrong...

Not Houdini but Moodini 
This is one trick you won't see Andy's Magic trying. The guy in this stunt goes under the name of the The Great Moodini - his real name is Michael Anthony Mooney. He is an escapologist from Metro Atlanta who performs Houdini Style escapes. 

Here he is attempting a fairly new escape - only performed twice before (successfully, he claims). It's the intermission at the 'Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder' and the idea is that 'Moodini' is shackled to a chain which is tied to a pace car. He then has 8 seconds to escape before the pace car takes off and drags him around the track.

Thousands of spectators stand and watch as the intermission entertainment goes horribly wrong...

WARNING: Not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

If you watched the video you will see The Great Moodini aka Michael Anthony Mooney was slammed head first in to the ground - but miraculously he suffered no head injuries. He was rushed to hospital and suffered a broken leg, arm, wrist and several finger; he recovered with no lasting damage. Lets face it Moodini is no Houdini and after this mega fail should rename himself Boo-dini. Lets face it the only escape he managed on this day was a very lucky escape...

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