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10 April 2013

Dave Allen - Vagaries of the English Language

Dave Allen - known for his dry humor
If you haven't seen Dave Allen before then you've truly missed out. And if you have seen him you'll know what a naturally great raconteur he was. He drank, he smoked, he was an atheist, he was Irish and he was also a fixture on British Television during the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. This routine (below) is a perfect example of how skillful he was. Here we see him talking about the English language and how differently various countries around the globe use the same words... take a look and enjoy.

Here's a Humerous Dave Allen Story - try reading it in his voice...

A drunk leaves a bar and decides to take a shortcut through a graveyard. It's raining and its dark and the drunk fails to see an open grave and falls into it. He tries to get out but with it being too deep and the rain having turned the dirt to mud, it was just too slippery to climb out. The drunk sits down in the corner defeated.

A while later, another drunk leaves the same bar and decides to go through the same graveyard. He too fails to see the open grave, falls in and then tries to climb out but it's too slippery and deep.

The first drunk is still sitting in the corner watching as the other drunk tries and fails to get out. He stands up, taps the second drunk on the shoulder and says, 'You'll never get out!' 

He did...

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