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14 April 2013

Ken Dodd - The Ventriloquist Act

Ken Dodd is the King of Comedy - nobody tells jokes faster, or keeps telling them for longer than Doddy. He can sing a good tune, and indeed topped the chart in 1965 with his hit single 'Tears'. But did you realize he is also a brilliant ventriloquist too. Just watch here as Ken and 'Little Dicky Mint' perform the classic Al Jolson song 'Sonny Boy' - this is a superb routine and really is a joy to watch and if this don't get your chuckle muscles working nothing will....

A Few Ken Dodd One-Liners

Ken Dodd 
'My dad knew I was going to be a comedian when I grew up. When I was born he said "Is this a Joke"'

'I told the Inland Revenue I didn't owe them a penny because I lived near the seaside.'

'Did you know that a laugh is something that comes out of a hole in your face? Anywhere else and you're in dead trouble!'

Well that's it, just like to say 'How Tickled I am'

 ...And 'Tatty Bye'

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