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27 April 2013

Laurel and Hardy - Stan gets Apple stuck in his mouth.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
This rare clip comes from one of Stan and Ollie's first talkies - 'Hoose Gow' (1937). And even now after over 55 years we can still sit back and laugh; their comedy really has stood the test of time. 

Stan gets an apple stuck in his mouth and so the hilarity begin. Laurel and Hardy one of the funniest all time comedy double acts and this clip is a perfect example of why? This is a colorized version and the quality is great. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

My Question is how did he get a whole apple into his mouth in the first place? 

Well 'That was another fine mess he got him into'...

...Goodbye. See you next time for more laughs

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