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20 April 2013

Peter Cook - Lord Stockton: A Life

Peter Cook
On January 9th 1995 we lost one the greatest British comedian's of all time, Peter Cook. He was most famous for his partnership with Dudley Moore (Not Only... But also). But in this video, you see Cook appearing on his own, on ITV's Saturday Live as Lord Stockton an old Conservative (possibly Harold Macmillan)  from the House of Lords who is being interviewed by John Bird.

Best Line:
Bird: You're in the Autumn of your years now. 
Lord Stockton: I'm nearly dead, yes. 

Peter Cook was a one off who's humour and wit is hard to match as this clip easily proves.

Peter Cook had a savage wit and his word play was among the finest around. Below are just a few examples
  • 'I am blind, but I am able to read thanks to a wonderful new system known as broil. I’m sorry, I’ll just feel that again.’
  • First Man: 'I’m writing a novel' Second Man: 'Yes, neither am I.’
  • ’Tragically, I was an only twin.’
  • ’I’ve always wanted to be an expert on tadpoles. It’s a wonderful life if you become an experty tadpoleous, as they are known in the trade.’
  • ’You know, I go to the theatre to be entertained. I don’t want to see plays about rape, sodomy and drug addiction. I can get all that at home.’

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