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11 May 2013

Bruce Forsyth and Sammy Davis Jr - Together

This clip brings two of the worlds greatest performers together - Bruce Forsyth and Sammy Davis Jr. The show was the excellent but, for some reason, short lived "Bruce's Big Night Out" which aired on ITV in 1978 - I can't believe it was 34 years ago. I vividly remember watching this clip and laughing my head off as the two showmen spark off each other creating some wonderfully funny moments. Listen out for Sammy Davis Jr's ad-lib, just after a ring falls off the table (2:58) - pure genius.

Bruce's Big Night Out lasted 7 episodes and then ITV pulled the plug...

...even though rating were good. They must have been mad.

4 May 2013

Roy Walker and the Classic Catchphrase Moment

Catchphrase is back on our TV screens with a brand new host in the form of Stephen Mulhern. But do you remember this classic Catchphrase moment from the original series with host Roy Walker. This still makes me laugh every-time I watch it.

I wonder if the woman in this clip laughs each time she watches it...

....she certainly didn't seem to understand the joke at the time.

1 May 2013

Reclining Seat Attacks Man in Shop

A man  in a furniture shop is looking at a Recliner Seat when suddenly...

...the leg rest accidentally deploys and gives the chap in the cap a nasty bash on the nose.

I hope you're not laughing... looked very painful :)