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27 October 2014

At Rosie's Christening Frankie was the Star...

As a magician and entertainer I'm finding that I'm getting booked to entertain at far more christenings and naming ceremonies than ever before. Christenings are events where lots of families get together, and with families there are always children. It's a long day for the little ones so why not give them some entertainment to keep them happy. And you could also add some close-up magic—card tricks, mind-reading etc—for the adults as well.

Yesterday, at the Coleshill Hotel in Birmingham, I was booked by Mr and Mrs Goulding to perform my magic and entertainment for Rosie's christening - and this was the 2nd christening I've entertained at for the Goulding's. The last one, just over a year ago, was for little Frankie, Rosie's brother.

At just 18 months, Rosie was too young to join in with all the dancing, games and magic (I did make her a special monkey in a banana tree which she loved - I think) but her older brother was willing and ready to take her place. And, what a star Frankie was. He gave some hilarious comments that made everyone roar with laughter. When I asked him what the capital of England was he answered "Coleshill". And during the magic show he told me he was 3 years old and married - very funny. Thanks to Frankie, and all the children, Mr and Mrs Goulding and everyone who watched and joined in with the fun - what a fab time we had.

It was lovely to see you all again... 

...hope its not too long until the next time

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26 October 2014

Finlay's Party with Andy's Magic - Magician & Entertainer

Finlay's party was held at the Priorslee Community Centre, Priorslee near Telford — a venue that I'd never entertained at before, and I can tell you, it's a great venue, too. Not too big but not too small either, clean, tidy, with good facilities and even a little playgroup just outside.

Finlay and his friends joined in with all aspects of the party and Finlay was great as a magicians assistant. We had loads of fun and the kids all went hope with a balloon animal each and smiles on their faces.

Thanks for booking with Andy's Magic...

...Happy 3rd Birthday Finlay

Call Andy's Magic - Magician and Children's Entertainer - and book your party entertainment.

24 October 2014

Rare Early Chuckle Brothers Appearance - when there were 4 of them?

In the video below you'll see some rare and very early footage of The Chuckle Brothers. But wait a minute there's four of them! So who are the other two fella's? Well it's Jimmy and Brian Patton, better known as The Patton Brothers, who are real life elder brothers of Paul and Barry - The Chuckle Brothers (you'll probably recognize them because they've appeared many times on  BBC's Chucklevision and with the Chuckle Brothers on tour).

So, in this video we find all four brothers performing together under the name of "The Chuckle Brothers" and here (in 1980) they were appearing on an episode of the popular quiz / game show 3-2-1, which was hosted by the late Ted Rogers. It's a funny clip, and shows how good the four brothers are with their slapstick and visual comedy.

 Good weren't they - I wonder why they split up and went on as two double acts?

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22 October 2014

Amazing Magic from Moritz Mueller - Mo-Fly

Most children love watching magic. Most learn the odd, easy, self-working magic trick and perform it to their friends and family. But not many can perform coin manipulations and sleight of hand so brilliantly as the young German lad in the video below.

His name is Moritz Mueller and he is truly a talented young man and a natural born magician. In this video he gracefully and effortlessly makes silver coins appear and vanish at his finger-tips. It really is a breath-taking performance. He calls this routine Mo-Fly and it really is a delight to watch... Enjoy 

Moritz Mueller - a big magical name of the future, I'm sure you agree...

21 October 2014

Trick or Treat this Halloween with Andy the Magician

With Halloween fast approaching Magician, Andy Kirk, has been working hard on creating a new magic show ready for the big week. As you can see from the photo things are coming along nicely and there will be lots of spooky goings on his the Halloween magic show.

Magician, Andy will be appearing at venues in Birmingham, Worcester, Kidderminster, Wolverhampton and Hagley with his new show and says "This Halloween the kids are going to get several Tricks as well as lots of Treats. The new show is full of scary, ghosty, spooky magic, but it's not too scary and there are a lot of laughs too."

If you'd like to catch magician and children's entertainer Andy's Magic, there are two open to the public events that you can catch Andy at: The Station Inn, Hagley (3 - 5pm) on the 30th and at the St Johns Library, Worcester (2pm and 4pm) on the 31st October, Halloween itself.

Hope you all have a magical Halloween

18 October 2014

The Top 50 Optical Illusions

You won't find a single magician in this video. Seeing is believing. In this video 50 of the most incredible optical illusions have been brought together to create one mind-blowing video. Watch and be amazed.

 Thanks for visiting. Please share this page and come back again soon...

17 October 2014

Wayne Dobson - Live on the Royal Variety Show

Here we see magician,Wayne Dobson, at his best. This hilarious performance, with guests Harry Carpenter and Frank Bruno, took the audience at the Royal Variety Show by storm and turned Wayne into a big name over night. Very soon after he was offered his own show on ITV and the rest is history.

It's just fantastic isn't it. Never fails to make me laugh...

20 August 2014

Dai Vernon - The Spirit of Magic

Dai Vernon - The Professor
Dai Vernon's (real name David Frederick Wingfield Verner) contributions to magic are unparalleled to this day, and he was, and still is, known as the magician's magician.

This fascinating documentary covering his life and work is a wonderful insight into the life of one of the greatest magicians whoever lived and became known as simply...  "The Professor".

This video also features clips and contributions from from David Verner (Dai's Son), Max Maven, Jay Marshall, Harry Lorraine, John Carney, Ricky Jay, and many others too. It really is worth a watch...

18 August 2014

Andy's Magic - A Magic Week in Photos #6

I've had a busy and fun time this week working in and around Worcester, Telford, Redditch, Bewdley and Shrawley. The life of a Children's Entertainer and Magician is always full of fun :)

Happy Birthday, Tallulah From Malvern
Redditch United Football Club - A Regular Venue
Andy's Magic - A Quick Practice Before He Starts...
William the Wizard - A Star in the Making
Walnut Cottage Nursery, Sharwley, Worcester - Regular Customers
Happy Birthday, Sophia...
Central Park Nursery, Telford - New Customers
A whack on the head from his wand knocks the colour right out of Andy
Marie (Central Park Nursery Owner) Staff and Children with Andy's Magic
Happy Birthday, Ashley
" forever catching Bubbles..."
Bewdley Cricket Club - What a lovely venue

It was lovely to meet everyone, hope you all enjoyed the entertainment...

17 August 2014

The Magic of Doug Henning

Doug Henning appeared regularly on television in his own annual TV specials "Doug Henning's World of Magic"- the first of which featured Doug performing Harry Houdini's Water Torture Escape and was hosted by Bill Crosby.  He made guest appearance on many shows including Tonight with Johnny Carson and The Muppets. He also made illusions for pop group, Earth, Wind and Fire and two for "King of Pop", Michael Jackson. He was, without doubt, the biggest magical star of the day but tragically his career and life were cut short. In early 2000 he was diagnosed with liver cancer... five months later he died. 

Doug Henning's legacy lives on with the magic he presented, shared, created and wrote about. Among the magic fraternity he is one magician that will never be forgotten.

Below is a wonderful five-minute clip, which was part of his Broadway show, and shows his skill as a close-up magician. Here you will see him perform magic with a Rubik's Cube, Cups and Balls and he even manages to make his feet disappear - the best part for me, very clever :)

R.I.P Doug Henning...

15 August 2014

Andy's Magic Performs at Central Park...

Central Park Nursery, Telford
Over the years I've performed in such places as Hollywood, Broadway and today it was Central Park.

Ok, I'll come clean, I haven't been jetting around the United States, it was Hollywood in Birmingham, Broadway in the Cotswold's and today's gig wasn't Central Park in New York but Telford. But it was a brilliant party. 

Me, Nursery Owner, Marie, Staff and Children
I was booked to entertain a 60 strong crowd of children at the Central Park Nursery, in Central Park, Telford, to celebrate the Nursery's 19th Birthday. The children were so excited as they waited for everyone to arrive and for me to start. And when I did start they were fantastically enthusiastic and joined in with the games, loved winning the prizes, laughed their heads off during the magic show and loved collecting their balloon animals at the end.

This was a first visit for me to the nursery but I hope it won't be the last... It really was super.

13 August 2014

Andy's Magic at Walnut Cottage Nursery

Today's show was over at Walnut Cottage Nursery in Shrawley near Worcester. The nursery have become regular customers of mine over the last few years and it's always a pleasure to visit them. On this particular visit I was accompanied by my youngest lad William. He helped me set-up and pack away, which was a great help. As you can see from the photo he's starting to get interested in magic and was already to perform as William the Wizard.

The show it's self was great. The kids loved the games at the beginning, and couldn't stop laughing during the show. At the end, and because they'd been so good, I decided to reward them with a balloon animal each. 

All in all, a smashing day of magic at Walnut Cottage Nursery in Shrawley near Worcester.

Walnut Cottage Nursery

William the Wizard

Me getting a bit of practice in...

12 August 2014

Dai Vernon - The Classic Cups and Balls Routine

In this wonderful five-minute video it's Mark Wilson that introduces the legendary Dai Vernon, who performs, to perfection, his classic cups and balls routine. He was seventy-eight-years-old and still had that magic touch that made him one of the great all-time magicians. Sit back and enjoy "The Professor" at his very best..

...Now that really was magic!

11 August 2014

Funtastic Party Disco with Andy's Magic

Just look at the fun these kids are having dancing and singing to the music playing during Andy's Magic Party Disco.

Andy's Disco is filled with all the most popular music of the day in including: Gangham Style, Let it Go from Disney's Frozen, Ollie Murs, Katy Perry, Jessie J and, of course, One Direction.

The Disco also includes loads of games, prizes, laser and LED lighting, a fab bubble machine, action songs, dancing competitions and lots and lots of fun...

...Just add Andy's Amazing Magic Show and you have a perfect party 
package for ages 3 - 10 years...

Jacob's party with Andy's Magic...

I traveled over to Selly Oak to meet and entertain Jacob, his friends and family. As you can see from the photos they all had a great time with loads fun, games and magic. Jacob was great in the magic show. It was a big gathering, over sixty children in total, and when id finished the children were showing off their talents and showing how great they were as singers. it was lovely to meet everyone...

Jacob and his Friends

                          ...Happy Birthday Jacob... hope to see you again soon

10 August 2014

A Magical Lego Birthday Cake for Cameron...

Birthday Boy Cameron
Andy's Magic had great time over at Cropthorne celebrating Cameron's birthday. Magic, party games, prizes, disco, bubbles, balloon animals dancing and just look at Cameron's ( See Photos) fantastic Lego birthday Cake — Magic.

Cameron's Fantastic Lego Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cameron... thanks for inviting me 

Sophia and her fantastic 'Disney Frozen' Birthday cake...

It's just too good to eat...

Happy Birthday Sophia :)

14 April 2014

Andy's Magic - A Week in Photo's #4

 It's been a very busy week, lots of end of term parties at Schools and Playgroups. A 25th Birthday celebration for Kiddies Day Nurseries in Kidderminster and Stourport, a special treat day at the lovley Corngreaves Accademy, Cradley Heath near Stourbridge, and birthday parties for Liam in Kinver, Kaleb in Kidderminster, Finlay in Bradley Green near Redditch and Poppy in Birmingham.

Here are a few comments received about Andy's Magi, his entertainment and services:

"Thank you for the show you put on for the children of Corngreaves Academy today (11th April 2014). You helped give them an experience they may not of had. They had a wonderful time and so did the staff. Thank you again." - Gemma Williams, Corngreaves Academy, Cradley Heath.

"Thank You so much for a fab party yesterday. You really made Finn's and the other kids day. I will be highly recommending you. Thanks again" - Danni Smallwood, Bradley Green

"Liam really enjoyed his party - Thank You!" - Sarah Perkins, Kinver

And now the Photo's...

Four-Year-Old Kaleb in Kidderminster
Kaleb and his Punch Balloon
Blow the candles and make a wish
Catch the Bubbles...
At Finlay's Party
Loving the lights and Bubbles
Corngreaves Academy - Almost ready to Start
Five-Year-Old Pirate Liam...
Passing the Parcel
Oh, the Hokey Cokey...
Liam's Amazing Fireman Sam Birthday Cake

It was lovely to meet everyone and here's wishing Liam, Poppy (No photos requested), Kaleb and Finlay and Happy 25th Birthday to Kiddies Day Nurseries in Kidderminster and Stourport.