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21 March 2014

I Am - A Poem by Andy Kirk

I am

I am the cause of war, conflict and betrayal.
I am never the happy ending in a fairy tale.
I am the creator of class; the basis for poverty.
I am the one that brings greed and animosity.
I am the maker of joy and sadness in your house.
I am the unrequited lover of your ever-faithful spouse.
I am the most powerful thing in the universe.
I am, there's no doubt, really quite perverse.
I am what we need and cannot live without.
I am what murders have been all about.
I am different yet the same all around the earth.
I am easy to find; you’ll always know my worth.
I am what someone lost and someone else found.
I am the one thing that makes the world go round.
I am used when it's raining and when it's sunny.
I am what I am and what I am is… money!

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