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6 April 2014

Andy's Magic - A Week in Photos #3

As a magician I get to appear at many different events and venues including: Weddings, Christenings, Banquets and Corporate events performing close-up magic for the adults. But this week was a week full of entertainment specifically aimed at our younger generation.

I attended the charming Bishops Frome Friday Friends Playgroup in Bishops Frome, Worcestershire. We had loads of fun, the kids laughed all the way through especially when Max the Magic Dog made his appearance. I also entertained at Callum, Phoebe, Gareth and Seth's parties, in Worcester, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Bentley Heath near Solihull, and all went really well. Below are the photo's...

Bishops Frome Village Centre
 Venue for Bishops Frome Friday Friends Playgroup
Seven-Year-Old Callum
Callum and Friends having Fun
DO, do, do... come on and do the Conga...
Phoebe and friend loving the magic show

Pass the Parcel - An ever popular game

Phoebe's Cake
Phoebe Loved Charlie the Monkey
Dancing... Gangham Style
Four-Year-old Phoebe
In the Bubbles at Bentley Heath Village Hall
Balloons already for the kids to burst
Five-Year-Old Seth
Five- Year-Old Gareth
Very Delicious Cake Pops
Seth and Gareth with their amazing Birthday Cake
In the groove at the St Ambrose Church Hall
Happy Birthday to Phoebe, Gareth, Seth and Callum and thanks to everyone that I meet for your hospitality. I hope we meet again soon.

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