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18 August 2014

Andy's Magic - A Magic Week in Photos #6

I've had a busy and fun time this week working in and around Worcester, Telford, Redditch, Bewdley and Shrawley. The life of a Children's Entertainer and Magician is always full of fun :)

Happy Birthday, Tallulah From Malvern
Redditch United Football Club - A Regular Venue
Andy's Magic - A Quick Practice Before He Starts...
William the Wizard - A Star in the Making
Walnut Cottage Nursery, Sharwley, Worcester - Regular Customers
Happy Birthday, Sophia...
Central Park Nursery, Telford - New Customers
A whack on the head from his wand knocks the colour right out of Andy
Marie (Central Park Nursery Owner) Staff and Children with Andy's Magic
Happy Birthday, Ashley
" forever catching Bubbles..."
Bewdley Cricket Club - What a lovely venue

It was lovely to meet everyone, hope you all enjoyed the entertainment...

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