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17 August 2014

The Magic of Doug Henning

Doug Henning appeared regularly on television in his own annual TV specials "Doug Henning's World of Magic"- the first of which featured Doug performing Harry Houdini's Water Torture Escape and was hosted by Bill Crosby.  He made guest appearance on many shows including Tonight with Johnny Carson and The Muppets. He also made illusions for pop group, Earth, Wind and Fire and two for "King of Pop", Michael Jackson. He was, without doubt, the biggest magical star of the day but tragically his career and life were cut short. In early 2000 he was diagnosed with liver cancer... five months later he died. 

Doug Henning's legacy lives on with the magic he presented, shared, created and wrote about. Among the magic fraternity he is one magician that will never be forgotten.

Below is a wonderful five-minute clip, which was part of his Broadway show, and shows his skill as a close-up magician. Here you will see him perform magic with a Rubik's Cube, Cups and Balls and he even manages to make his feet disappear - the best part for me, very clever :)

R.I.P Doug Henning...

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