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24 October 2014

Rare Early Chuckle Brothers Appearance - when there were 4 of them?

In the video below you'll see some rare and very early footage of The Chuckle Brothers. But wait a minute there's four of them! So who are the other two fella's? Well it's Jimmy and Brian Patton, better known as The Patton Brothers, who are real life elder brothers of Paul and Barry - The Chuckle Brothers (you'll probably recognize them because they've appeared many times on  BBC's Chucklevision and with the Chuckle Brothers on tour).

So, in this video we find all four brothers performing together under the name of "The Chuckle Brothers" and here (in 1980) they were appearing on an episode of the popular quiz / game show 3-2-1, which was hosted by the late Ted Rogers. It's a funny clip, and shows how good the four brothers are with their slapstick and visual comedy.

 Good weren't they - I wonder why they split up and went on as two double acts?

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