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31 March 2015

Xanthe's Halloween Birthday Party.

Xanthe the Witch
Apparently, when Xanthe was asked what theme she wanted for her 4th birthday party she immediately replied 'Halloween'. It may sound a bit strange—a Halloween party just a few days before Easter—but it really did work. The whole of the Blakedown Parish Rooms were decorated out with Hallowen ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, cobwebs and lights. And all the children came in their Halloween costumes. It really was a very colourful party.

Just hanging around

With the room set and all of Xanthe's friends in attendance it was time to get them dancing to songs like 'Ghostbusters' and 'Witch Doctor'. As the bulk of the children were four or younger I always break the dancing with lots of games like 'Pass the Parcel' and 'The Hokey Cokey' is always a sure winner with the younger age groups. 

Halloween Magic & Fun

A break was taken for refreshments and the kids were lead into a room that again was very skillfully decorated to the Halloween theme. At the end of the break I got all of the children singing 'Happy Birthday', Xanthe blew out the candles and then it was time for the show. Xanthe couldn't wait to get up and become a magician's assistant in the magic show, she'd seen me before at the nursery she goes to, and was very excited. To finish I made her a balloon monkey in a bananna Tree and then all the children received a balloon animal too. 

I've never done a Halloween party in March before but I have to say it was spooky and fun...

                                     ...Happy 4th Birthday Xanthe. 

29 March 2015

Dancing Diva Davina in Wolverhampton

Frozen Birthday Cake
Party Girl Davina
Davina's 7th birthday party, at the Fallings Lane Reform Church Hall in Wolverhampton,  saw quiet a few no shows, as far as guests were concerned, but even so it was still a great fun gig to be entertainer and magician at.

As I set up my sound system I soon discovered just how much the birthday girl loves her music as she very quickly started making requests for he favourate songs—'All About The Bass', 'Uptown Funk' and any One Direction song.
The Two hour package, that I was supplying for this party incorporates Andy's Magic Disco and I always feel it's important to keep a have a good selection of current chart music. I'm glad I do, on this ocassion I had all of Davina's requests. I played the songs and she and her friends went crazy dancing and singing along too. In between dancing there were loads of games, prizes and action songs. And, while all this was going on a photographer from Shaddy Media Productions was doing a great job circulating around snapping away taking, what I'm sure will turn out to be, awesome photos that will create magical memories for Devina and her family.

After a break for refreshments it was into the magic show and here again all the children joined in fantastically. Davina was delighted with her special balloon creation. To finish all the children received a balloon creation each and went home happy. One lad made me promise to go to his party—I gave a him a business card and told him to get his parents to call me and arrange it - lol.

I thought it was a lovely party and here's what Davina's Mom had to say in a comment left on Andy's Magic Facebook Page:

"Thank you so much for fantastic entertainment. The party package was great and reasonably priced. Thanks Andy." - Lorretta Dhlamini, Wolverhampton

'It's all about the base...'

It was lovely to meet Davina, her family and friends over in Wolverhampton and I look forward to seeing you again really soon. A big happy birthday to Davina from Andy's Magic

27 March 2015

School Rewards Achieving Pupils with Andy's Magic Show

The Oval School in Yardley, Birmingham set their pupils targets to reach, both in attendance and in lessons, and those who achieved these targets were treated to an afternoon of entertainment. That entertainment was supplied by yours truly—Andy's Magic. And I must say it was a great pleasure to return here once again. My last visit was at Christmas and that really was a cracker of a party (pun intended). 

The Oval Primary School, Birmingham
Having over 60 kids and with ages ranging from 5 to 11 meant that getting the mix of entertainment just right was essential. But even careful thinking about which games to include and what tricks could be suitable might not be enough. Would the older ones be too loud and rough and cause younger ones to shy away from joining in? Or perhaps for the older ones it wouldn't be cool to join in, play games and even dance with younger ones? Well, I needn't have worried the children here were fantastic and they all participated superbly, and the older ones actually helped the little ones throughout the whole party

I was booked for the disco with games, prizes, dancing, action songs etc as well as the magic show and, as with the Christmas party, it all went really well—no hitches at all. And it's fair to say these pupils were a credit to The Oval School in Birmingham.

All that is left to be said is 'A Big Thank You' the Oval School in Birmingham for booking Andy's MagicChildren's Entertainer and Magician—From this party. 

I look forward to seeing you all again really soon...

25 March 2015

Happy Birthday Pheobe from Andy's Magic

Phoebe, her Dad and her Cake

The Methodist Church Hall in Kinver, near Kidderminster, was the venue for five-year-old Phoebe's Party. Andy's Magic was supplying the whole Two Hour Party Package.
To start with Phoebe was not feeling very well, a little overwrought by the excite of the big day. So while 30 odd of her friends were dancing and having fun in the bubbles, Phoebe was with her Mom. But it didn't take long for her to get into the party mood. And almost as soon as she'd joined in with Pass the Parcel she won a some prizes—Magic! There was no stopping the birthday girl now. 

In the break we sung 'Happy Birthday' and her Dad brought the cake out and what a beautiful cake it was. From there it was straight into Andy's Amazing Magic Show and Phoebe was a star and could stop laughing the whole way through. To end the party Phoebe received a special balloon creation—a monkey in a banana tree—and all the kids received a balloon animal each to take home.

Phoebe's Party full of magical fun

All in all, a great party in Kinver, near Kidderminster. Happy Birthday to Phoebe from Andy's Magic.

23 March 2015

Izaiah's Party in Wolverhampton with Andy's Magic

Bouncy Magic Fun - Super Hero Castle
Birthday Boy Izaiah 

For Izaiah's 6th birthday party, held at the St Mary's Church Hall in Wolverhampton, his mom had already got a friend to put on a small disco and hired a great super hero themed bouncy castle but she wanted something else - just for an hour. 

It turns out the One Hour Party Package that Andy's Magic offers was an ideal solution. Starting with a musical game, the kids won loads of prizes. After this it was on to Magic show. And there was lots of fun here. Izaiah couldn't wait to help me in the show and asked for a balloon sword. But he didn't just get a sword he was magically transformed into a pirate complete with balloon parrot on his shoulder and great pirates hat too. To finish off all the kids received a balloon animal each to take home. 

All ready for Andy's Magic Show

Happy Birthday to Izaiah from Andy's Magic—hope everyone at the party in Wolverhampton enjoyed your all the magical fun...

Andy's Magic can offer superb 1 & 2 Hour Party Packages. Why not call on 07976367058 or email Andy now!

21 March 2015

Andy's Magic with Hansel & Gretel at Kidderminster

Andy's Magic - Children's Entertainer & Magician - has been booked by The Hansel and Gretel Support Group many times in the past but this was a very special event he attended.

The Hansel & Gretel Support Group has been situated at the Wyre Forest School in Kidderminster for many years but Saturday 14th March saw their last ever day at this venue. To celebrate their time at the school and their move to new premises they held a party... And that's where Andy's Magic came in. Booked to entertain kids with his disco, they really did enjoy dancing in the lights and bubbles as they arrived. Once all were there the games started with loads of prizes to be won. Lots of dancing, action songs like 'Gangham Style' and even a game of 'Pass the Parcel', too. After a short great break Andy's Magic was back with his amazing comedy magic show. The whole 2 hours flew by and it has to be said that the kids there really enjoyed it. But don't take my word for it read what Jane Nott from The Hansel & Gretel Support Group emailed me and said:

"Thank you for your wonderful show at our club On Saturday. You had the children absolutely hooked and so nice to arrive with the music and bubble machine on for the children. You coped well with a very big turnout and we are so grateful to you for making our last club meeting at the Wyre Forest School so enjoyable for the families. The fish and chip lunch was hugely popular afterwards wrapping up a lovely morning."

Jane Nott - Secretary - Hansel &Gretel Support Group - Kidderminster

Who are the Hansel & Gretel support group and what do they do?

Hansel and Gretel Support Group are a registered charity providing mutual support and friendship to disabled and special needs children and their families in the Wyre Forest area of Worcestershire (Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourport etc).

They are a fantastic group who provide opportunities for families to meet, share ideas, experiences and to build friendships, too.

19 March 2015

Harrison's Party with Andy's Magic—Bewdley

Harrison on Stage at Trimpley
Happy Birthday to Six-year-old Harrison. Andy's Magic—Children's Party Entertainer & Magician—was booked for the full Two Hour Party Package which included the disco with a great lights and bubble display (see video taken just before everyone arrives). The hall (Trimpley Village Hall near Bewdley) is a smashing venue and just right for a kids party. Harrison was very excited and couldn't wait to help me in the magic show—he was very good, even adding his own funny bits, too.

It was lovely to meet everyone and fantastic to receive such great comments 
from some of the parents. I hope to see you all again soon. 

18 March 2015

Andy's Magic and Arthur's party near Bromsgrove

The Avon Croft Art Centre near Bromsgrove offers a nice hall that is ideal for children's parties and it was here that Andy's Magic—Children's Entertainer and Party Magician—was booked to entertain for Arthur's party (see photo). With 30 kids in attendance, joining in with all the fun and dancing in the lights and the bubbles, it's no wonder there was a great magical atmosphere, and Arthur was just fab in Andy's Magic Show, too. 

Happy Birthday Arthur. I hope to see you all again very soon. 
Six-Year-Old Arthur near Bromsgrove

Party Disco Fun

Andy's Magic at Arley Kings Village Hall, Stourport

Arley Kings Village Hall near Stourport on Severn is a great venue and one that Andy's Magic children's entertainer and party magician frequents a lot.

This party for 8 year-old Luke was just great. Loads of dancing—the kids loved the lights and the bubbles—magic and games.

Happy Birthday to 8 year-old Luke. I hope you, your friends and family really enjoyed the party with Andy's Magic.

Luke (Centre) & his friends

Party Time with Andy's Magic