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27 March 2015

School Rewards Achieving Pupils with Andy's Magic Show

The Oval School in Yardley, Birmingham set their pupils targets to reach, both in attendance and in lessons, and those who achieved these targets were treated to an afternoon of entertainment. That entertainment was supplied by yours truly—Andy's Magic. And I must say it was a great pleasure to return here once again. My last visit was at Christmas and that really was a cracker of a party (pun intended). 

The Oval Primary School, Birmingham
Having over 60 kids and with ages ranging from 5 to 11 meant that getting the mix of entertainment just right was essential. But even careful thinking about which games to include and what tricks could be suitable might not be enough. Would the older ones be too loud and rough and cause younger ones to shy away from joining in? Or perhaps for the older ones it wouldn't be cool to join in, play games and even dance with younger ones? Well, I needn't have worried the children here were fantastic and they all participated superbly, and the older ones actually helped the little ones throughout the whole party

I was booked for the disco with games, prizes, dancing, action songs etc as well as the magic show and, as with the Christmas party, it all went really well—no hitches at all. And it's fair to say these pupils were a credit to The Oval School in Birmingham.

All that is left to be said is 'A Big Thank You' the Oval School in Birmingham for booking Andy's MagicChildren's Entertainer and Magician—From this party. 

I look forward to seeing you all again really soon...

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