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20 March 2015

The Magical 'Noddy' routine with legendary Mick Miller

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Last month I traveled to the Blackpool for a magical weekend at the Blackpool Magicians Convention. It was, as usual, a superb event with many famous faces to be spoted. Amoungst those I saw and chatted to were: Ken Dodd, Dynamo, Wayne Dobson, Bobby Ball  (Cannon and Ball) and Joe Pasquale. Most of these I've seen and met before but this was the the first time I got the chance to see the legendary comedy entertainer Mick Miller perform live. Mick Miller compare for one of the Magic Gala Shows - and the organizers couldn't have chosen better. He was just brilliant, with his witty, fresh, fast and funny one-liners he kept a full house, at the Winter Gardens, laughing right the way through the 3 hour show. I think I could have watched just Mick Miller for three hours, he really was that funny - Magic!

He didn't perform his classic 'Noddy Routine' there but below is a live version that I thought I'd share with you and it really is a magical piece of comedy. If you've never seen it before, well, imagine you're listening to the radio and on comes a new episode of children's favorite 'Noddy' but the problem is that the presenter is an alcoholic who hates kids.

Sit back watch, listen and laugh with Mick Miller

I bet you loved it - now from Andy's Magic - enjoy your weekend...

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