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27 March 2015

The Saturday Laugh-Out-Loud with Count Arthur Strong

Count Arthur Strong & Michael
Every Saturday I intend to post a short video clip that should make you Laugh-out-Loud. Starting the weekend with a laugh sounds like a good idea to me. And the first video up comes from Steve Delaney aka Count Arthur Strong.

I stumbled across Count Arthur Strong quiet by accident whilst channel hopping trying to find something entertaining to watch—and that's not so easy to do now-a-days. After watching just one episode of this sitcom that revolves around the world of an eccentric, semi-retired musical hall performer—an old duffer who's never quiet made it but thinks he has—I was hooked. Count Arthur is prone to delusions of grandeur, has a very selective memory and suffers from massive doses of malapropism-itis. He confuses everyone he meets and causes chaos wherever he goes, although he is blissfully unaware of any of the problems and frustration he causes. 

After watching a few episodes I wanted to find out more about Arthur and where this great comedy creation had come from. I was greatly surprised to find that the Count had actually been on the radio for some 8 years or more and as I'm an avid listener of radio comedy the question I had to ask myself, and still ask, is how on earth did I manage to miss this genius of a comedy character for so long? I'm now addicted to both the TV & Radio shows—I can't get enough of that doyen of light entertainment, show business legend, raconteur and after-dinner speaker.

Series 1 was screened on BBC2 in 2013 and was just brilliant. Surely there had to be a second series? After a long wait, and plenty of withdrawal symptoms, series two finally aired in January (2015) but this time was transferred to 
BBC1 and, I'm sure everyone will agree, was even funnier than the first. I can't wait for for the next series. The show is written by Steve Delaney who plays, and created, the Count Arthur Strong character, and top sitcom writer, Graham Linehan, the man responsible for the incredibly successful comedy series Father Ted as well as other comedy hits including The I.T Crowd, Black Books and The Walshes.

If you've watched the TV show I'm sure you'll agree it's the funnest comedy to appear on the box for a long time. The first series was nominated for a BAFTA in the 'Best Situation Comedy' Category. As for the radio show, which ran for Seven series (2005—12) and two specials, received The 'Gold Sony Radio Academy Award'—The highest accolade possible in British radio comedy.

The Count Arthur Strong Tour - NOT TO BE MISSED!
Steve Delaney, the man who transforms into this wonderful comic character, is currently on a huge tour around the country—many dates now sold out—and as good as the radio and TV shows are apparently on stage is where Delaney as Count Arthur sits best and one of the funniest shows around. I've got my tickets to see Arthur in the 'Someone up there Licks Me Tour 2015'—I'll write a review when I've Seen it. 
So here's the first Laugh-out-Loud. This clip comes from one of the funniest episodes from the TV Show, 'The Day the Clocks Went Back'. Here we see Arthur heart broken and confused when the clocks go back. Then he goes for a flying lesson and gets mistaken for the flying instructor. Soon it's terror at 3000ft. It's superbly funny piece, brilliant performed. Watch out for the walk to the airplane—just hilarious. 

Hope you enjoyed that four minutes of Count Arthur Strong. Next week I'll be talking about that legendary actor ,Wedward Goodwood er, Edward Woodwind, Edward Woodbine, Edward Woodwardward. Oh sod it! The bloke who played The Equalizer.

If you're fan of Count Arthur Strong you can follow him on Twitter @Arthur_Strong and follow Graham Linehan @Glinner. There's also a great Facebook Group, too. Search Bulents Caff (Count Arthur Strong) or follow this link

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