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4 April 2015

David Jason, Del Boy & Abbey National Adverts

Here's the second Saturday Morning Laugh-Out-Loud and features one of Britain's best loved comedy actors.

Only Fools and Horses
has become one of Britain's favorite situation comedies. Written by the late, great John Sullivan it made house hold names of many of its stars including David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst. It also produced some more of the most memorable moments in comedy history including the unforgettable: 'Batman and Robin' scene, remember the hilarious falling though the bar episode - 'Yuppy Love', and who didn't laugh at the classic moment from 'A Touch of Glass' when Granddad, Rodney and Del Boy are attempting to clean some very expensive chandeliers which ends with disastrous consequences. It's true to say that Only Fools and Horses really is comedy gold.

So we all remember David Jason in 'Fools and Horses' but who remembers him playing a very Del-Boy-like character in those Abbey National television adverts which are certainly written in  the style of John Sullivan. In both adverts David Jason is joined on screen by Patricia Brake, best known as the daughter of Fletcher in 'Porridge' and 'Going Straight'. And it wasn't only The Abbey National that jumped on the Lovable Rogue / Wheeler Dealer band wagon. Around the same time The Leeds Building Society featured George Cole, complete with an Arthur Daley trilby in their 'Leeds Liquid Gold Adverts'.

I'd certainly forgotten these little gems until I spotted them on YouTube. I believe all 'Fools and Horses' fans will love these. I don't know how many were made but here's the two I could find - enjoy them.

'Did you enjoy those little clips? You did....

...Lovley Jubbly

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