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14 May 2017

Does Your Entertainer Need A DBS Certificate?

Everyone wants to make sure the children at their party or event are safe and out of harms way but do you need to get a DBS from the children's party entertainer or magician your booking?

The short answer is most definitely not! Why? firstly, because you're booking a children's entertainer to entertain at your party or event and not a child-minder or nanny. You should ensure that at no time is the entertainer left on his own with the children. In fact, the children's entertainer or magician you've booked will probably insist on this. It makes sense: If there are other adults in the room, and why wouldn't there be, then this is a far better check than a piece of paper with the DBS certificate printed on it.

What is a DBS?

The DBS or Disclosure Barring Service, is a check that details convictions, cautions, reprimands, final warnings and additional information held by local police that is felt relevant. Only an employer such as a school, business, local authority etc can obtain one. It is impossible for the children's entertainer or magician or anyone who is self-employed to obtain one himself and is only needed if the person being employed is working with the same groups of children four times or more in anyone month and will or could be left in sole charge of those children. 

Your children's entertainer may have been issued with a DBS in-connection with work he's carried at a school, hospital or relevant business where the criteria of his work and time spent with children met the DBS guide lines but booked as a children's entertainer or magician to simply to entertain at your one off party or event doesn't require the magician or entertainer to be DBS Checked - so please don't reject the children's entertainer if he can't supply one - remember it's not mandatory, not necessary and may be against the law to get one or ask for one if not needed.

Andy Kirk - Magician and Children's Entertainer

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