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12 May 2017

Venue Or Children's Entertainer First?

'Nice venue but the entertainers
 not the one I wanted'
You've probably done it before, booked the local village hall or community centre for your child's birthday party and then tried to book the children's entertainer or magician, that your little one has been raving about since they saw him at the last party they went to, only to find he's fully booked. Well, here is my advice.

If you've got an children's party entertainer or magician you're really set on booking then get that sorted first and do it as far in advance as possible—a few months before the party, at least. This might seem a long way ahead but once the children's entertainer is booked you can then search around for a suitable venue and the earlier you book the children's entertainer or magician the earlier you can book the venue and get exactly what you want on both counts. It's great having a nice venue but if the children's entertainer or magician is not that good the whole event could go flat and leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth. I think you'll agree it makes sense. With a wide choice of venues around from village halls, community centres, church halls, pubs, social clubs, hotels and restaurants etc, there's quite a choice and getting your party entertainer booked first and in advance will give you plenty of time to scour the internet and your area if you really need to.

    I hope this tip from Andy's Magic helped.

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